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Ruby Cup – UK medical-grade Silicone Collapsible Sterilising Cup FOR M-CUPS

  • Easy menstrual cup cleaning
  • Space saving
  • Discreet: stylish design doesn’t shout menstrual cup.
  • Dishwasher friendly: heat resistant to 230°c
  • Convenient size: fits most menstrual cups. 225ml capacity.
  • Cruelty free periods: all ruby clean variants are registered with the vegan society.

* All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Ruby Cup is not included.

  • 可摺式設計,方便收藏及攜帶
  • 時尚設計
  • 耐熱: 可置入微波爐及洗碗碟機使用
  • 產品得到Vegan Society認證
  • 適合大多數月經杯。 225毫升容量。


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The Ruby Cup Clean make sterilising your cup a breeze. Simply fill with water and pop into the microwave or oven to boil for a few minutes. The cup cleaner is collapsible, foldable and lightweight, making it easy to store or take with you.

  • Content:Ruby Cup Clean Collapsible Sterilizing Disinfecting Cup x1、Instructions booklet x1
  • Material: 100% medical-grade
  • Capacity:225ml
  • Colour(s):Clear, Blue, Pink, Purple, Black
Ruby Cup Clean 使消毒您的​杯子變得輕而易舉。只需加水,然後放入微波爐或烤箱中煮沸幾分鐘即可。消毒杯可摺疊且輕巧,易於存放或隨身攜帶。
  • 內容:Ruby Cup Clean 可摺消毒杯 x 1、使用說明書 x 1
  • 物料:100% 醫學級矽膠
  • 容量:225毫升
  • 顏色:透明、藍色、粉紅、黑色、紅色
Weight0.085 kg
Dimensions3 × 13 × 10 cm





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