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Ishopdea – Pulpage Bamboo Pulp Tissue + example G All-Natural Thyme Disinfectant Spray (Solo C)

SOHO Combo Set是Pulpage環保純竹漿紙巾及ExampleG全天然百里香清毒噴霧專為喜愛品味生活的留宿大學生或小家庭而設,是每三個月訂購一次的防菌健康系列。裏面包括:

– Pulpage環保純竹漿3層90張袋裝面紙1包
– Pulpage環保純竹漿3層100張盒裝紙巾3盒
– Pulpage環保純竹漿3層衛生紙2卷
– Pulpage環保純竹漿3層10張迷你紙手巾16包
– exampleG 全天然百里香廁所板消毒噴霧便攜旅行裝
– exampleG 全天然百里香手機消毒噴霧便攜旅行裝
– exampleG 全天然百里香除烟臭噴霧便攜旅行裝

– Pulpage Bamboo Pulp Soft Pack Tissue x 1
– Pulpage Bamboo Pulp Box Tissue x 3
– Pulpage Bamboo Pulp Roll Tissue x 2
– Pulpage Bamboo Pulp Soft Pack Hanky Tissue x 16
– example G All-Natural Thyme Toilet Seat Disinfectant Spray Portable
– example G All-Natural Thyme Mobile Screen Disinfectant Spray Portable
– example G All-Natural Thyme Odor Eliminator and Disinfectant Spray Portable

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The exampleG thyme disinfectant spray uses all-natural ingredients. The thyme oil from Canada is sweet and fresh, so you don’t have to endure pungent potions or artificial fragrances. Spray can effectively decontaminate and deodorize like household bleach. The sterilization rate is 99.9% or above, but at the same time, it is zero-irritant, zero alcohol, zero carcinogen, and can be biodegraded without harming human body, pets and environment. The compact spray is light and lightweight, and the award-winning packaging is as convenient and beautiful as whether it is going out or at home. The capacity of the Portable 15 ml bottle is just right, which is suitable for daily life. Refill 100ml pack can fill the vial 6-7 times, and it is more environmentally friendly.

exampleG All-natural thyme mobile phone disinfection spray: spray a spray every day to quickly eliminate bacteria and smudges on the electronic screen.

100% all-natural bamboo pulp extracted from Sichuan bamboos. Naturally protected from bacteria and odour by the Quinone contained in the bamboo pulp. Entirely alcohol-and-chemical free makes it perfect for allergic and sensitive skin. An innovative eco-friendly design for replacing woods with three-year life-growing bamboo as raw materials, retained its toughness while certified and approved by international environmental protection agencies.




Weight13.45 kg
Dimensions31 × 27 × 11 cm

exampleG, PULPAGE


Canada, China


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