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Amalie Eugenie – RELAXING & REFRESHING Aromatherapy Massage Set

In spring, the humidity is heavy. The wet weather is easy to cause muscle and joint pain, loss of appetite and decrease of sleep quality. Amalie Eugenie spring suit is specially made for you to eliminate these troubles. It can not only eliminate muscle soreness, help digestion, promote sleep, but also prevent sensitivity, damp and Remove excess moisture from the body.

  • Lavender alone has powerful sleep and disinfection effects
  • Ginger essential oil, it can effectively relieve the discomfort of muscle pain and enhance blood circulation
  • Orange essential oil can promote digestion and regulate mood
  • Grapeseed oil contains a lot of linoleic acids, which can help the human body absorb vitamin C and E, and protect the collagen in the skin
  • It can be used together with a professional essential oil aromatherapy machine and Eucalyptus essential oil. It has more powerful effects such as pit bacteria, strong nose and throat. It is an indispensable secret weapon in spring


  • Essential oil must be diluted
  • Do not take it internally
  • For pregnant women and infants, please consult relevant professionals
  • Please place the product in a place that is not accessible to infants and children. If it enters the eyes carelessly, immediately wash it with water;
  • Please keep out of direct sunlight or high temperature
  • The picture is only for reference, and all are subject to the real object
  • There is a chance of slight damage to the outer box / package of the product during transportation, which does not affect the quality of the product
  • Essential oil is not a medicine and cannot be used to treat diseases. It can only be used as an Auxiliary.

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Weight0.545 kg
Dimensions70 × 14.5 × 14.5 cm


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