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Amalie Eugenie – Damascena ROSE Hydrolat (Anti-Ageing / Whitening)

  • Rapid water replenishment
  • Enhance skin luster
  • Whitening and anti-aging
  • Relieve all kinds of pain
  • Soothe the skin
  • 長時間戴上口罩,被口罩覆蓋的臉部皮膚溫度上升,容易刺激油脂分泌,呼出的空氣則帶有水份,提高口罩內的濕度,更容易滋生細菌,導致皮膚有粉刺、暗瘡、濕疹等問題。
  • 在配戴口罩前,用保加利亞玫瑰花水先噴面部,舒緩敏感不適及降紅。
  • 除口罩後可用保加利亞玫瑰花水浸濕面膜紙或薄棉花,敷在面上約5分鐘,改善肌膚敏感狀態及為悶焗了一整日的肌膚補充水份。

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Damascus rose pure dew is distilled from the original liquid of distillation of Damascus rose essential oil within 4 hours. At this time, the composition of the original liquid is the most saturated and complete, in which the most fresh and nourishing hydrophilic essence of rose material is perfectly preserved, so it has excellent efficacy and strong taste. It contains more than 300 kinds of vegetable proteins, tannins, etc. Rose water is probably the most widely used flower water in skin care. It is the mildest bactericide and astringent. These characteristics make it a good skin care agent. The ability to replenishment is strong, there is also a certain degree of whitening effect, anti-aging word-of-mouth is also good. The most sensitive skin can also safely use rose puree, and it is also the best maintenance solution for dry skin, which most people will love at first sight.


1. Please keep out of direct sunlight or high temperature

2. The picture is only for reference, and all are subject to the real object

3. There is a chance of slight damage to the outer box / package of the product during transportation, which does not affect the quality of the product






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