eg.G (example of Goodness) concerns about the experience of the users, and their friends and families, hence devote ourselves to search for ways to link up people & environment by adopting innovative packaging design ideas; and to ignite imaginations out of the ordinary household products.

eg.G (example of Goodness) 設計師以良善為初心,以源自加拿大、氣味清新甜美、殺菌效果卻媲美家用漂白水的優質天然百里香消毒產品,配合優雅設計,讓產品成功超越傳統功能性沉悶框框,更緊密地連繫「人和人」及「人和大自然」。

Pulpagean , an eco-friendly tissue brand brings you back to the origin, where nature begins and purity reigns. Let the heart stay where we started and the feet go where we aimed to be. After all, we only live once.


Ruby Cup is a product by Ruby Life Ltd. initiated by three Danish female entrepreneurs. It is a healthy, long-lasting and sustainable menstrual cup, that raises the quality of life for women and girls worldwide. 

Ruby Cup由100%醫學級矽膠製成,是一款健康、可持續、具成本效益和對環境友善的月經杯。 每個Ruby Cup卻可重用達10年之久,為你大大減少於經期時對環境的負擔。

Eco Femme is a global empowerment initiative. Rising from rural India, reaching out to people around the world, we promote and revitalise menstrual practices that are healthy, dignified, affordable and eco-positive.

Eco Femme成立於2010年,是一間由女性領導的印度社會企業,旨在透過重新建立並推廣一個健康的 、可持續的、具文化回應理念的和充權的月事習慣,為環境及社會帶來轉變。公司一直專注於生產及售賣可洗滌的布衛生棉、提供月事教育及於社會開展月事相關的對話。

Sawa has been engaged in Fair Trade since 2013. Her mission is to discovering the best things in Africa and to bring them to Hong Kong people. Products include high quality East African shea products to help rebuilding the post-war economy and other products to support orphans, widows and refugees.


Amalie Eugenie‘s vision is more than just to sell products or a normal essential oils, but a belief and a heartfelt guardian in bringing the most natural and pure essential oils to everyone in need. Amalie Eugenie, a treasure gift sent by the nature.

Amalie Eugenie月精靈銷售的不止是一瓶精油,而是一份信念、一份守護,把最天然純正的精油帶給每個有需要的人。Amalie Eugenie月精靈精油,是大自然留給我們的瑰寶。

Momiji natural brings fun to boring life, its idea, to produce colourful handmade washable and reusable menstrual pad specially made of 100% cotton fabric. Adding Colors, healthiness and meaning to both the earth and your life.

Momiji natural為重覆的日子帶來樂趣,其理念是生產由100%純棉面料製成的七彩繽紛手造可洗可重複使用的月經墊。 為地球和您的生活增添色彩,健康和意義。