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exampleG+ Canada All-Natural Thyme HOME & PET Disinfectant Spray 350ml

For household (pet-friendly)

-Effective in removing the ordor and kill 99.9% bacteria on any hard surface at home, including table, floor and cabinet

-Effective in deodorizing pet’s urine, waste or vomit, and eliminate germs on pets and

-Natural Thyme oils and plant-based ingredients

-Animal-friendly, no harm on animal and human.

-Non Irritating, non-carcinogenic, alcohol-free and biodegradable.

-Harmless to the environment

Recommended Usage: To disinfect carpets, pet’s living areas and toys.

Product specification:
– Dimension: 50mm(W) x 50mm(D) x 210mm(H)
– Weight: 231g
– Capacity: 350ml/bottle

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Weight0.415 kg
Dimensions8 × 22 × 6.5 cm



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